Dog Apparel Ultimate Guide

If you want your smart dog to also look eccentric, read on.

If you obsess over talking about your dog, enter her into pageants and contests, read on.

If your Facebook page has more images of your dogs than your husband and children, then by all means, read on.

The unique beauty of your dog cannot be enhanced. However, you can highlight some characters and your relationship with your dog by using specific dog apparel.

Here is a guide to get started.

Adventure Dogs

Some dogs cannot abide the indoor rules for too long. They are free spirits that love the outdoors. They thrive in the cold, rain and wind. However, doggy enthusiasm may exceed their physical tolerance.

Outdoor dog apparel like jackets and vests should be water resistant. And you need to know how to measure your dog’s neck, chest and the space between the neck and shoulder and chest bone for a comfortable fit and max protection.


A guide to expressing your dog's unique character.